When It Snowed…

Last Wednesday, a big winter snowstorm was predicted by the weathermen.  Appointments were canceled & businesses closed in preparation.  I could bemoan the change in conditions that compelled me to stay home… or…

I can be thankful for…

  • the opportunity to stay in my pajamas, while enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee in bed.
  • the chance to daydream as I savor the beauty of snow gently coating the brown earth & bare tree branches.
  • the smell of homemade soup simmering in a crock pot while a double chocolate cake bakes in my oven.
  • time to write in my journal, tucked under a fuzzy blanket.
  • the inks, handmade papers, & paints that were beckoning me to play in my art studio.  (Here’s the result.)

Hands Art Journal

Most of all, I’m grateful for a day to be still & savor the quiet moments that snowfall brings.


Art Date with Mother Nature

When Mother Nature talks, I try to listen.  In the past two weeks, I’ve intuitively heard her say when it’s time to prepare for winter & when it’s time to enjoy a gorgeous autumn day.  On Oct. 29th, the sky was grey with fat, wet flakes falling to the ground.  Leaves weren’t even off the trees yet.  How bizarre to see two seasons occurring at once!  At first, the snowfall was beautiful to watch but soon the trees bent low under it’s weight.  Mother Nature sounded the warning so I raced outside with a broom to sweep snow off the branches before they snapped.  Thankfully, my trees survived.  That day woke us to the reality that winter is just around the corner.  Time to prepare.  Since then, we’ve power-washed the house, tilled the garden, rolled up the hose, & repaired gutters.  I think we’re as ready as we’re going to be.

Autumn & Winter at the same time.

Mother Nature spoke to me again today.  “Come play,” she beckoned, “The sky is blue, the air is mild, & the last of the leaves are about to fall from the trees.”  We drove to the lake, an art date with Mother Nature (as well as my boyfriend).  I picked up rocks rich with mica or quartz, glistening like jewels on the rocky beach.  We skipped stones like children & I climbed among gnarled roots to hug trees so big my arms couldn’t wrap around them.  Yes, I take “tree hugger” literally 🙂

This day was a sigh.  A lovely break from the routine so I could commune with Mother Nature, centering me & soothing my spirit.  May you find time this week to find peace in nature.

Who can resist being in nature on a day like this!

Such beauty & character.