Birthing My Self

Although I’ve chosen not to have children, I view a period of desired change & dramatic growth as a pregnancy of sorts.

In this metaphorical pregnancy, the intuitive self senses the stirring of a new idea, the need for a career change, or the desire to live somewhere else.  We prepare by doing all that’s in our power to make the transformation a positive experience, fear & doubt mixing with excitement.  We practically sizzle with anticipation.  As the desired change comes closer to becoming a reality, we feel an escalating impatience for the process to be over so we can settle into our new “normal”.  While labor can be induced, we recognize it’s better to let creative ideas, experiences, & relationships unfold naturally… at their own pace.  When the time is right, we’ll birth our authentic Selves & accept the changes with strength, confidence, & a positive outlook.





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