Mini Landscape Collages

When I moved to Pennsylvania in the summer of 2004, I was (and still am) completely enamored of the countryside- breathtaking old barns, Holstein cows dotting the landscape, & plowed fields that look like Mother Nature quilted them Herself.  I took hundreds of photos that first year & continue to take photos as I find vistas that inspires me.

Landscapes used to intimidated me as an artist.  I’d ask myself, how do great artists successfully create pieces based on the places that inspire them?  It dawned on me that they were recording their expressions & impressions of the landscapes, not the landscapes themselves.   I was trying too hard to “capture” scenery rather than interpret the essence of what I saw & how it made me feel.  That realization liberated me as an artist & allows me to freely express my emotional connections to the spirits of place.

I’m creating a series of six 4-inch square collages based on my photographs.  Here are the first three.  The photos are included so you can see how I took the scenery & interpreted it in a way that honors it without trying to recreate it.

mini landscape 2

landscape 2

mini landscape 1

landscape 1

mini landscape 3

landscape 3

A Splash of Color

My heart practically bursts with joy, wandering my back garden in early spring.


Beckoning Birdfeeder

daffodil 1

Daffodil in Bloom


Flowering Forsythia


Inhale deeply… can you smell the sweetness?

little ones

Beautiful things come in small packages.

pale daffodil

Delicate daffodil

puppy fur

Dogs napping on the deck… sure sign of warmer weather.


Luscious, succulent sedum