Wisdom from My Garden: Meditation on a Blueberry Bush

Picking blueberries in my back garden in the coolness of the morning is both a meditation & a prayer of gratitude for me.  I planted the 8 bushes that line one side of my yard, nurturing them over the years so they can produce flavorful berries that nourish me, my loved ones, & the local wildlife (which I also consider my loved ones).  The act of gardening is a spiritual experience, connecting me to all that is.  It also allows me to quickly disconnect my overactive mind & fall into a gentle easiness that a familiar task can bring.

There is no need to analyze or worry for I know from a lifetime of experience that all I must do is pluck the plump berries that fall easily from the branch.  If I have to tug at the berry to get it to fall into my pail, it’s not ready& all I gain from forcing the situation is a hard, sour berry that is unpleasant to eat.  I’m finding life works in exactly the same way… if I have to force it, whatever “it” is, it’s most likely not going to work out the way I’d like it to.  Yes, I must show up & invest wholeheartedly in the moment, but it’s equally important that I willingly surrender to the natural flow of things.  We’ve all been there & we all know the difference between when something feels right & when something feels forced.

Blueberry Bounty

Blueberry Bounty

I have also learned that if I look at the bush from one perspective, I may think I’ve seen all there is to see, missing out on the bounty that may be tucked under some leaves or hidden around the back of the bush.  Shifting my perspective allows me to see  a treasure that wasn’t visible from my own narrow viewpoint.  I can carry this lesson into my daily life & relationships… acknowledging that my point of view is just that– one point of view– and that there are other perspectives I can consider, opening my soul to understanding, compassion, & empathy.

There is wisdom in books, gurus, & retreat centers but there is a simple yet profound wisdom gained by being still, being present, & being authentic.  This I can do in my own back garden, among the blueberry bushes.


Out with the Old, In with the New

I have a philosophy.  If I don’t clear out the old; there isn’t room for the new.  Do you know what I mean?  I want to surround myself with what inspires me NOW… the things I love NOW.

The artist in me loves to try new things, go to new places, & meet new people.  As such, I tend to accumulate things from my travels.  Over time, some of these things don’t reflect who I am anymore.  I keep adding to what I possess without letting anything go.  Recently, I found myself looking around my home of 6 years at the shelves & closets full of “stuff”.  Stuff I don’t wear anymore.  Stuff I don’t read anymore.  Stuff I’m just not interested in anymore.  So, why is this stuff still cluttering my life?!  Time to make room for the new.  It wasn’t an easy task, but this summer I donated boxes of books, knick knacks, & clothing to Goodwill in the hope these items will matter to someone else.  I felt like I had taking a deep cleansing breath & sighed out.  It was refreshing!!  Literally, I felt freer.

That hard work paid off!  My home is now my sanctuary.  It’s the warm, welcoming place that I’ve created for myself & those I love.  Your home is the ultimate expression of your Self so the objects you surround yourself with should be meaningful.   What no longer serves you?  What things symbolized you in the past but don’t represent you any longer?  What needs to be released so something new can arrive?  Clear your space.  You’ll feel positive energy & inspiration flow 🙂