Calling The Moon


Calling the Moon-  Mixed media on paper. Susan Korsnick 2016


You called me

Cycle by cycle.

I called you in turn-

A rhythm shared.

And now a new rhythm begins

To find you, I go within.

Susan Korsnick 2016


Moon Dancer

Moon Dancer- mixed media on paper

Moon Dancer- mixed media on paper



Swirling and twirling

In ecstatic joy.

Holy- the rhythm.

Divine Luna smiles.

Susan Korsnick- 2016

Step Aside & Let Inspiration Flow

I’ve got to be honest, this piece took a while to complete.  I first mentioned Time To Howl in August when I had the inspiration for the composition & color palette but not the details of how to portray this powerful animal on canvas.  My intention was to collage the full moon & the wolf, yet every time I tried to find suitable fabric or paper, it just didn’t feel right so I set it aside.  Wolf didn’t want to be smothered with neat little strips of fabric or subdued with flat bits of paper.  Wolf is a wild thing, demanding energy & movement.  But how?

Patiently (& sometimes not so patiently), I waited for Wolf to speak.  There was no rush.  By this point, I knew that if I tried to force my will on Wolf, it would be unsuccessful.  She leaned silently against a wall in my studio for months before she finally inspired me to use Liquitex modeling paste mixed with my acrylic paints & applied with a palette knife so that the hairs on her face & throat stood on end.  Yes, this was Wolf as she was meant to be!

Sometimes, when it comes to creating artwork, I need to make my ego (brain, logic, intellect) step aside & let the inspiration flow.  Or, in this case, let the Wolf howl.

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Wolf speaks!