Art Saves

My mother gave me a wonderful book for my birthday– my birthday isn’t until October 29th but I opened the gift early because I had a feeling I knew what it was 🙂  It’s called Art Saves- Stories, Inspiration, & Prompts Sharing the Power of Art by Jenny Doh.  Mom’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect.   A friend of mine recently told me she had a kidney removed due to renal cancer & they found a spot on her lung that can’t be treated until she recovers from the surgery.  I’m stunned & feeling very helpless.  What can we do when someone we care about has to travel a scary journey such as this, alone even if surrounded by loved ones?

Marie French, an artist in the book, gave me this inspiring idea- “If you know someone who is battling an illness or dealing with a difficult period in their life, take the time to make a piece of art for them…. fuse positivity into whatever you make.”  I love that idea!!  If nothing else, it lets Linda know that I’m thinking about her & sending her love.   A message of hope, healing, & encouragement.  I’m not sure what the piece will look like yet but I’m visualizing a group of barefoot girls in summer dresses playing Ring Around the Rosey.  I’ll share the sketch & stages of completion soon but for now, I need to begin… for Linda.