Hummingbird & Toad

It sounds like the beginning of a children’s story, “Hummingbird & Toad…” but it’s not.  Hummingbird & toad are two animals who visited my garden this morning, brightening the day even more than the sunshine.  Kneeling in the damp soil, I reached for a weed that suddenly moved on its own!  Peering closer, I watched a small brown toad watching me from under the leaves.  He hopped from a spot close to my gloved hand to a more protected spot under an evergreen shrub.  If I hadn’t been fully in the moment, I would have missed his surprise visit.  (Sometimes I get brief glimpses of greater truths, like the importance of being present in life.)  Finished with our gardening, I spied from my vantage point in our hammock,  a little emerald green hummingbird sipping nectar from my zinnias.  She loved every blossom, flitting from a lemon yellow flower to a deep fuchsia one.  How happy she was!

Hummingbird, a symbol of boundless joy & the sweetness of life, reminds me that emotions are choices.  To many, toad (or frog) symbolizes transformation & an emotional  connection to the water, which can be stagnant & dirty or clear & flowing.  I pause, considering where I am emotionally.  I can choose to sink in the muck of a stressful week or look at the beauty in my life & focus on the positive.  I choose beauty.

I have yet to bring Hummingbird or Toad into my artwork but here is one of my zinnia collages.  I hope it brings a smile to your heart.

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Zinnias on Plaid- Zinnias dancing in my flowerbed. The bits of mirror help you see yourself dancing there, too.