A Blessing To Each Flower

For Summer Solstice, my friends and I are gathering to honor this special day & recommit ourselves to one another… unique blossoms that together form a garden of incredible beauty, grace, & strength.  I wrote this poem to remind us of what makes us thrive.


A Blessing To Each Flower

A seed secure in the soil asks not, “What shall I be?”

It’s unique beauty comes naturally, effortlessly.

Nourished and nurtured, it grows more fully into itself

And what it is IS what it is meant to be.


The birch envies not the willow

Nor does it strive to be anything other than Birch.

Daffodil degrades not the dandelion

Nor does it mock the maple.


For all have a place in Gaia’s garden.

All are loved & accepted unconditionally.

And while each has needs that differ from another

All radiantly bloom with this blessing….


May we each have the tender care we need,

May we each be given the space to grow,

May we see our own beauty,

And may we celebrate the uniqueness in every blossom.


One Flower

My art & spirituality weave so tightly with nature that I can’t tell where one begins & the other ends.  They are me.  I often start the day gazing across my back garden, saying “Thank you” to the Great Divine for every bird’s nest, blueberry, & flower in my yard.  There is such joy & wonder in these little things.

There is also great change from day to day.  Crocuses bloom & die, making way for forsythias, hyacinths, & tulips. They, in turn, die to make way for bee balm, daisies, & hibiscus blossoms.  I have to take time to walk my yard each day so I don’t miss any of the magic that is right here, changing with each season.

This whimsical 12 inch collage in browns, pinks, & a hint of turquoise metallic ink was inspired by a tulip blooming under my bedroom window.  Like Georgia O’Keefe, I knelt down very, very close to the flower to see the subtle color changes in her petals & note the many greens in her stem & leaves… taking time to really know her.  I drew a quick sketch then played with the image to make it mine.  There is no way to capture the beauty in nature; all I can do is hope to capture the feeling it gives me.  This flower was fun, joyful, & full of silent laughter so that’s the mood I tried to give this piece.

One Flower: All the wonder of the world is contained in its petals.

Take time to connect with a flower or leaf.  Get to know it well.  The universe is contained there, waiting to be discovered by you.  Happy summer!

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Today’s Treasure

Yesterday morning, I strolled my back garden to greet every plant, gaze at every flower, & anticipate every bud.  There were two open blossoms on my poppy plant when I began mowing the grass & four by the time I finished mowing 45 minutes later.  That quickly, buds with potential became fully formed flowers, petals open to embrace the sunlight & warm breeze.

Opening to greet the new day!

Nature is my all-time favorite teacher, gently reminding me of the impermanence of everything.  “Be present”, She whispers, “Immerse your Self fully in each precious moment.  And know that if you are going through a challenging time, it will pass.  Change, as you know my Dear, is inevitable.”

So, this morning, I began the day with a mindful walk through the garden, savoring what IS & grateful that I’m right HERE, right NOW.  I can’t mourn yesterday’s spent blossoms because my tears would blind me to today’s magnificent beauty.

Yesterday’s blooms

Today’s new opportunity

Tomorrow’s promise