Nurturing & Being Nurtured

Tomorrow, some of my artsy friends & I are gathering for a “play date”.  It’s a very special time when we can let go of obligations & work on our art among kindred spirits.  I love this time!  Sometimes, a member brings a product we’ve never used before & we “oooh & aaah” over it, eager to try it for ourselves.  Inspired.  Other times, someone shares a technique that may enhance our own creativity.  But every time, we nurture & are nurtured by one another.  We’ve experienced a lot together from weddings to funerals & from raising teenagers to caring for elderly parents.  Whatever one of us is experiencing, another member of the group has already met a challenge like it, bringing a gentle strength to the person in need.  I treasure these women for their wisdom, humor, & encouragement.

Spending time with supportive, positive people (as I mentioned in my post Creativity Needs Encouragement) is one way I “refill my well”… taking so I have more to give.  It’s not selfish to take time for ourselves, whether it’s a hot bubble bath or a creative play date with friends.  If we don’t care for our own physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual health, we won’t have the necessary resources to care for anyone else properly.

Who nurtures you?  Who do you nurture?  What do you do to “refill your well”?

Packing for my play date... I have such cool art toys!!!

Perhaps I'll finish my Pele collage.


Art Saves

My mother gave me a wonderful book for my birthday– my birthday isn’t until October 29th but I opened the gift early because I had a feeling I knew what it was 🙂  It’s called Art Saves- Stories, Inspiration, & Prompts Sharing the Power of Art by Jenny Doh.  Mom’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect.   A friend of mine recently told me she had a kidney removed due to renal cancer & they found a spot on her lung that can’t be treated until she recovers from the surgery.  I’m stunned & feeling very helpless.  What can we do when someone we care about has to travel a scary journey such as this, alone even if surrounded by loved ones?

Marie French, an artist in the book, gave me this inspiring idea- “If you know someone who is battling an illness or dealing with a difficult period in their life, take the time to make a piece of art for them…. fuse positivity into whatever you make.”  I love that idea!!  If nothing else, it lets Linda know that I’m thinking about her & sending her love.   A message of hope, healing, & encouragement.  I’m not sure what the piece will look like yet but I’m visualizing a group of barefoot girls in summer dresses playing Ring Around the Rosey.  I’ll share the sketch & stages of completion soon but for now, I need to begin… for Linda.