A Smaller Scale Frees My Creativity

Have you ever entered an art supply store & had your eyes dance with excitement when you spot something you’ve never used before?  That happened to me recently– I fell in love with these cute 3-inch square canvases at Dick Blick’s.  Working on this scale is new for me but I had a feeling it would be fun to try.  Before I got to the cash register, I knew that they would be mini-portraits of animals to set on a small ledge in my house but that’s all I knew.

What’s nice about working on a small scale is that it’s inexpensive, quick, & liberates me from my tendency to be a perfectionist.  I don’t worry about what anyone else may think– I’m creating art for art’s sake.  Letting my heart lead the way, I chose acrylics in bright jewel tones, black, & white for the background surface treatment.  My brush was relatively dry to give the effect of colored chalks on a chalkboard- sketchy & rough.  After completing the backgrounds, I sipped Jasmine tea while patiently waiting for Divine inspiration to speak to me & influence the art.  One by one, Snowy Owl, Holstein Cow, Mourning Dove, White-Tailed Deer, & my Shih Tzu Pixie appeared in the paint.  It was a relatively quick art session but sometimes the best art happens that way 🙂

Try experimenting outside your comfort zone by working on a scale you normally don’t use.  It will give you a fresh perspective on your creative process but most of all, you’ll have fun trying something new.  By the way, I’m offering free shipping through Dec. 31st to anyone who purchases something at my Etsy shop   www.etsy.com/shop/PureSusan.  Use coupon code SAK1966.  

Sweet Pixie: Little Dog with the Huge Heart

Blue Holstein

Snowy Owl

Lavender Mourning Dove

White-Tailed Deer