Drum Circle Inspires Art

Last night, I participated in a Native American pipe ceremony and drum circle.  What an honor for a non-Native woman from the burbs!  Every moment was sacred from the smudging to honoring the four directions in a sacred circle.  I admire those so deeply rooted in their beliefs that they are completely focused on the moment, free of judgement, and sincere in their practice.  They connect with the sky, earth, ancestors, elements, plants, animals, and each other… a universal community.  We celebrated the 1st anniversary of their handcrafted drum by playing our own drums as the three women beat on the large drum they share.  Each drumbeat was more of a heartbeat, resonating in each of us.

This is exactly the kind of experience that inspires my artwork.  Meaningful, symbolic, beautiful, and pure.  As I heard the words of their prayer and cast my eyes across the landscape, I saw earth, air, fire, and water before me… literally in the view from the backyard.  The small lake, symbolizing hope that water will eventually fall from the sky & break this hot spell.   A crispy brown field baking in the scorching sun, begging for much needed  rain.  A breeze comforting us with  a bit of coolness without promising anything more.

I’m heading into my basement studio, away from the sun’s glare… let’s see what this experience inspires in my art.