Heaven on Earth is a Choice

“Heaven on Earth is a choice we must make,

not a place we must find.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Choices.  We’ve each made a million of them.  Some choices are inconsequential… tuna fish or ham for lunch?  Some affect us deeply, leading us either closer to our authentic selves or further away.  Even something as monumental as recognizing heaven on earth is a choice… a shift in perspective… a change in attitude.  What this means is that it’s in our power to choose.  It’s in our power to see heaven on earth, not a select few of us who belong to a specific religion but each & every one of us.

To get the meaning of those words to stream out of my head & flow down into my heart & bubble in my soul takes something more than acknowledging that this logically makes sense.  It takes a decision.  It takes saying, “I choose to focus on other things.  I choose to let go of what isn’t mine to fix or change.  I choose to put my energy into things that bring balance, peace, love, & joy into my life in greater quantities than ever before.”  For you see, when I fill my mind with worry & my days with negativity, I have no space for the positive.  There is no way to see heaven on earth when I’m worried about people & experiences that can cast dark shadows over my life, IF I LET THEM.

Before it sounds like I’m oversimplifying this, I know we all go through dark nights of the soul, genuine times in our lives when tragedy strikes a loved one or ourselves.  We’d love to blink our eyes or click our heels together like Dorothy Gale & escape.  Sometimes, the only way to get through a challenging period is to just get through it.  I was in the room when my father was dying, holding his hand & literally feeling him cross over.  I’ve experienced divorce.  I’ve lost sleep over a stressful job.  I recognize that it’s not easy & that change doesn’t necessarily happen over night.  However, the only way to move upward or outward is to first make the choice to get up, dust yourself off,  & do it.  See that things can be different.  See that you aren’t stuck.  See that while you might not be in heaven on earth, it still exists & you can get there from here.

Decide to make a decision.  Choose to make a choice. 



Hummingbird & Toad

It sounds like the beginning of a children’s story, “Hummingbird & Toad…” but it’s not.  Hummingbird & toad are two animals who visited my garden this morning, brightening the day even more than the sunshine.  Kneeling in the damp soil, I reached for a weed that suddenly moved on its own!  Peering closer, I watched a small brown toad watching me from under the leaves.  He hopped from a spot close to my gloved hand to a more protected spot under an evergreen shrub.  If I hadn’t been fully in the moment, I would have missed his surprise visit.  (Sometimes I get brief glimpses of greater truths, like the importance of being present in life.)  Finished with our gardening, I spied from my vantage point in our hammock,  a little emerald green hummingbird sipping nectar from my zinnias.  She loved every blossom, flitting from a lemon yellow flower to a deep fuchsia one.  How happy she was!

Hummingbird, a symbol of boundless joy & the sweetness of life, reminds me that emotions are choices.  To many, toad (or frog) symbolizes transformation & an emotional  connection to the water, which can be stagnant & dirty or clear & flowing.  I pause, considering where I am emotionally.  I can choose to sink in the muck of a stressful week or look at the beauty in my life & focus on the positive.  I choose beauty.

I have yet to bring Hummingbird or Toad into my artwork but here is one of my zinnia collages.  I hope it brings a smile to your heart.

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Zinnias on Plaid- Zinnias dancing in my flowerbed. The bits of mirror help you see yourself dancing there, too.