Little Joys- Part 1

There are so many little joys to be grateful for in life, treasured not for their grandness or “importance” but for the happiness they bring to each moment if we heighten our awareness of the present.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in obligations, multitasking to fit it all in.  But if we can stop and take time to notice, these little joys gift us with peace, a smile, and connection to all that is positive.

I’ve been recording some of the many little joys in my life via Instagram and Facebook but want to share them with my blog friends as well.  What Little Joys bring light to your life?

Art Supplies

My art supplies… always beckoning me, inspiring me, and encouraging me to play.


My backyard bird haven… plenty of shelter, water, and food. Seeing them flit about happily brings me joy.

Coffee in the Morning

That first cup of coffee in the morning, made even more special by being in a favorite mug.


Purple crocuses bring the message that spring will soon be here!


Sunshine yellow daffodils soon follow crocuses.

Evening Walk with Pups

Evening walks with the dogs. My way to release the stress of the day , transition into my personal life, and take time to notice the little joys in nature with my pups.

Freyjas Soulful Eyes

Freyja’s soulful eyes. This gorgeous girl was once someone’s helpless puppy mill breeding dog but luckily for both of us, she’s been my little girl for 3 years, bringing me joy with every soulful expression on her face. I think we rescued each other!

Rag Rugs

Rag rugs are a great way to salvage scraps of material and give them new life. Each piece has a story. I made this rug over 20 years ago and enjoy the vibrancy and cheerfulness of every color.

Sily Socks

Silly socks… just because.

Warm Cinnamon Rolls

Warm cinnamon rolls with icing drizzled on the top. Comfort food at its best.


20 thoughts on “Little Joys- Part 1

  1. Thank you for sharing your little joys with us! Each and every day places joy and beauty in our lives…when we keep our eyes and heart open:-)

    After seeing the first picture, I really want to color and create!!!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. I hope you find time to color and create… it’s a great way to express the joy found in the everyday and th express what’s inside just waiting to come out.

  2. Great list there. Being down under, I am starting to treasure the appearance of the first autumn leaves, although I am starting to miss the sun already. It’s been a bit grey lately. Went kayaking tonight pretty much in the dark enjoying the reflections of light on the inky water. So serene.

    • Ah yes, kayaking and autumn… you can be sure both will make it to my list of Little Joys. I’ve tried river kayaking but a nasty spill and brush with death made me admit the river is far more powerful than I…. so I stick to placid lakes now… where I can bring along a book and float dreamily. As we enter the hottest months of the year, I look forward to what they bring, knowing it’s fleeting and I should enjoy each season while it lasts. Happy autumn to you!

      • I never thought of reading in the kayak. Thanks for that tip. I’m definitely going to give it a whirl.
        Sorry to hear about your kayaking incident. My husband comes from Tasmania and used to do white water kayaking there. Your comment sparked a conversation with him about his exploits. Hmm…the things you don’t know!! He was in white-water when he came across a log over the river. He went under but his life vest caught on the log and fortunately opened up and he got out but his friend comes along and sees vest hanging there and had a huge shock.
        I am quite proud of ust being able to kayak on flat water and have found an ease of movement that I don’t have on land. It’s been so liberating. We are taking the kayaks home with us so I intend to go a lot more often.
        Happy Spring to you!

    • You’re welcome Heidie. I checked out your blog that is on hold…. should not have done than before breakfast… the images are mouthwatering. I was reminded of my time in the middle east and Europe years ago… the food was amazing. Actually, I’ve loved the food of every country I’ve been to… the variety of spices, veggies, and fresh fruits… look forward to adding more food to my Little Joys and to reading your new blog.

  3. Reblogged this on Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons and commented:
    A delightful post to brighten your day! Everyone has ‘Little Joys’ in their life. Often we take them for granted, not even bothering to take notice. Susan Korsnick brings us wonderful reminders of those surrounding her own. What are some of the “Little Joys” in your life?

    • Hi Kim, Thanks for reposting my blog post on your website. I loved reading your post about Dad’s With Little Lambs… so many little joys can be found with family and going on adventures… like to the petting zoo! Take care. Susan

      • You are most welcome, Sue. I loved your “Little Joys” post. It fits me to a ‘T!’ Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet words regarding my post. Yes, we will have many ‘little joys’ during my dad’s visit! Much anticipation for me. Blessings. 🙂

  4. Oh, you are so right! “Little Joys” all around us. Here and everywhere. I loved this post. SO perfect for me to start my day. None of us should ever forget our ‘little joys’ surrounding us each and every day. Thank you for the great reminders. Wonderful pictures for me to soak in. Thank you!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Kim. I’ve been tempted to include big joys like family members, friends, etc… and may still do that after being inspired by your blog post Unsettled Intuition… We should be ever-appreciative of those around us who bring us joy and lots of wonderful memories. Peace.

      • Thank you, Susan. I am so touched. The world and ‘life’ is full of joy if we only stop to breathe it in. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I am truly appreciative. 🙂

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