Making the Old New Again

Occasionally, I find amazing little treasures at flea markets or antique stores– tired, chipped, battered pieces that call out to be restored to their former glory or given a new makeover.  No one wants to be stuck in a corner of a shop, collecting dust… everyone longs to be in a home with someone who appreciates their value.

Medieval Table 2

The beautiful little table inspired by illuminated manuscripts.

As I decorated this table, I imagined it supporting a cup of tea for a woman reading tales of queens, knights, & trusty white steeds.  I imagined it in a very bohemian house where someone meditates serenely, incense floating on the air.  I imagined it in a little girl’s room, holding a small lamp & collection of treasured objects.  I imagined it being useful & enjoyed once again.

Medieval Table 1

Fabric & metallic paint decorate the top of the table.

Inspired by illuminated manuscripts, I refurbished this table with jewel tones– amethyst, emerald, & gold.  All the papers, fabric, & paints combine to put the FUN back into function.

Until it gets its forever home, this table is the perfect height for my coffee mug, journal, & fountain pen.  Treasured once again.


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