Putting Fear in Its Place

There was a gem of an idea stored deep within me in a box I had labeled “Wishful Thinking”.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m starting a new business venture & now it’s close to becoming a reality.  I’ve had to remind myself that no matter what happens, the only failure is in keeping the dream confined in that musty old box & not giving it a chance to see the light of day.

The stages I’ve experienced as my business transforms from dream to glittering reality- inspiration, motivation, & trepidation- are similar to those experienced by anyone preparing to birth something new, whether it be a baby or a Broadway musical.

The moment of inspiration is ecstatic!  The mind, heart, & soul unite to generate ideas as we revel in the possibilities of what might be.  Dreams expand to fill the universe because, at this stage, absolutely anything is possible.  This is the “fun part”.

Then, we are motivated to make the dream come true.  We roll up our sleeves, accepting the responsibility of being the co-creator of our existence rather than a passive victim of circumstance (i.e. fate).  Called to action, we take steps to manifest the dream in our life.  There’s no denying the amount of blood, sweat, & tears that go into birthing something healthy.  However, dreams, like babies, can be born prematurely.  It’s only by listening to the messages our intuition is sending us that we know how best to proceed.

What are the signals?  They are those unexpected signs such as the right opportunity revealing itself, the right people coming along to support your vision, the money appearing just when you need it, etc…  Synchronicity.  Pay attention.  Take notice.  The signs to proceed are there or they’re not.

This is usually the point where fear stalks the psyche.  We question everything.  Am I forcing this?  Is the timing right?  What if it’s rejected?  What if it’s a success?!

That’s the funny one… “fear of success”.  Why are we afraid to let our light shine & be all that we are capable of being?  Ultimately, I believe, it goes back to a fear of rejection.  Look at famous people who seem to have it all.  They still have insecurities about being seen as frauds or of the fame, money, & material possessions disappearing one day.  We’re only on a pedestal long enough to be knocked off, right?  What if that’s not right?

What if the Universe (Source, Great Spirit, God, Goddess) wants us to be happy?  What if all we had to do was “show up”?  Suppose the only expectation is that we live lives of integrity & AUTHENTICITY.  How liberating!!!  No fear, just the understanding that we have to be present & be our best selves.

When fear strikes me, as it does all of us at one time or other, I remind myself that no woman ever gave birth to a fashion designer or marine biologist.  She gave birth to a baby who evolved over time.  No plant bears fruit before its roots are established & it has time to mature.  No book springs from the author’s imagination ready to be published.  See where I’m going with this?

Don’t force yourself to run before you can walk.

Take baby steps if giant strides seem too much to bear.

Do anything but stand still.

And most importantly, give your dreams the chance to manifest in your life.



2 thoughts on “Putting Fear in Its Place

  1. Wonderful to read about your journey/learnings. Lots to ponder but you sound excited about your findings! Go you and keep dreaming!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog. I agree… this is a lot to ponder… questioning things we’ve been told, finding our own truth, & having the courage to live it. We’ve gotta keep going & keep dreaming. There’s a great quote about reaching for the moon & even if you don’t succeed at it, at least you’ll land among the stars. While I can’t remember who said it, I love that image. The only failure is in not reaching at all.

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