Prayer Flags

One evening last week, I participated in a non-denominational discussion about Prayer.  The conversation swirled around questions such as “Do you pray?”, “To whom or what do you pray?”, “How do you pray?”, and “What is prayer?”.  Gatherings, where open-minded people can express differing views in a supportive environment, nourish my spiritual growth more than I can ever express.  I am so grateful for these opportunities!

While I heard a variety of answers to these questions, I soon realized that despite our differences, one thread connected us– we all yearn for a relationship with something greater than our Selves.

Transitioning from the discussion to an activity combining prayer and creative expression, our facilitator shared what she knew about prayer flags– their symbolism & intent.  Several of us were already familiar with them & looked forward to making our own, using art supplies including felt, paint, yarn, metallic ink, images from magazines, and bits of fabric.

prayer flags

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We made ourselves comfortable so the facilitator could lead us in a guided visualization, allowing our minds to receive words & symbols to incorporate in our flags.  As I breathed deeply & settled into the experience, I heard a version of the Buddhist prayer, Loving Kindness, whisper in me.  That prayer was my inspiration.

Prayer Flag Me

May I be free from danger,

May I be free from fear,

May I be healthy,

May I dwell in peace.

pryaer flag you

May you be free from danger,

May you be free from fear,

May you be healthy,

May you dwell in peace.

Prayer Flag all

May all be free from danger,

May all be free from fear,

May all be healthy,

May all dwell in peace.


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