Roots II & Roots III

As I continue work on my “Roots” series, I’m reminded of my connection to all that is.  Roots symbolize groundedness & being rooted in the present.  While many of us have lost that sense of unity, it’s within our grasp if we get back to nature.  I recommend spending time silently in the presence of a tree.  Keep one or both hands on it as you meditate.  If you are confident in your appreciation for nature, rest your forehead against it’s trunk along with your hands.  If you are too self-conscious, sit with your back against it instead.  Be aware of any sensations, thoughts, or feelings that come to you.  Let them flow through you as you maintain a connection to the tree.  End with gratitude for all that trees provide, for we know, there would be no life on earth without them.

Roots II

Roots II: in serene blues & violets.

Roots III

Roots III: in orange, purple, & green

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