Roots I: Symbol of Connection

While I had every intention of working all weekend on the Roots series of paintings that I mentioned in my last post, Mother Nature had other plans for me on Saturday.  Instead of the cold, grey, frosty January day I was expecting, Saturday was warm, sunny, & enticing.  I couldn’t resist the desire to be outside.

Whistling for Freyja, we slowly explored the backyard together.  She sniffed the ground for signs of rabbits while I took notice of each small bud & each bright red winterberry.  I walked deliberately, visualizing roots reaching from the soles of my feet into the soft, damp soil then sighed contentedly.  Being outside is so soothing to the spirit!

After pruning blueberry bushes & grapevines then hauling two wheelbarrow loads of debris to a spot behind my house where lawn clippings can be composted, dirt was not only on my hands but also on my shoes, my jeans, & even my nose.  It felt wonderful.  Gardening isn’t a chore to me; it’s a relationship I cherish.

After a couple of hours in the sunshine, I returned to my easel, ready to paint the roots that symbolize the profound connection that I have with nature.  Here is the first of five canvases.

Roots 1

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6 thoughts on “Roots I: Symbol of Connection

  1. I love this piece, Susan. I am glad you have an incarnation of Frejya! I understand how people may comment on how people see a lifestyle that is active as hard work. But, I would never go back to the life of electric appliances after my time non-electric. When I do the laundry, it is a water ceremony, when I do dinner I have to start a fire. It is a relationship, not a chore. good words!

    • Hi Christa. Thanks for visiting my blog. I totally agree. For me, it’s harder work trying to fit into this high-paced existence that is disconnected from the earth. The more I simplify my life, the easier to actually gets… & the more connected I feel. There’s so much more to life than gadgets & television 🙂 Namaste… I’m off to visit your blog.

      • Thank You Susan. I am glad you visited my blog, like I said there, meeting you has warmed my heart, to see others living similarly. I am grateful for all this time on Earth and I will watch your art as it grows, as mine does. Thank You. I feel as though my art is still a little more guttural, dark. I asked my husband if he thought it was my age. He said we need both. I guess you can not control what comes out.

      • Hi Christa. Sometimes my art is a bit dark, too, despite setting the intention to create a lighter piece. I go with the flow, trying to remember that dark doesn’t mean “bad” any more than light always means “good”. We need one to appreciate the other. Balance. Honoring where I am, what I’m feeling, & what needs to come out through my art.

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