Nature-Inspired Wall Hangings Part 2

Here are the last 2 wall hangings in the series titled “Nature-Inspired Wall Hangings”.  I’m pretty excited because two of the pieces I showed in the November 28, 2012 post called Nature-Inspired Wall Hangings Part 1 are in happy homes.  One I gave as a gift & the other sold right away.  I love incorporating found objects & other tactile materials in my collages.  It’s cliche but great art has to come from the heart & speak to the heart.  Without triggering an emotional response in the viewer, can we even use the term “art”?

3 Twigs Wall Hanging

3 Twigs Wall Hanging has handmade paper, twine, copper wire, stone, pinecone, & wood details.

Hand and Spiral Wall Hanging

The Artist’s Hand is a symbol of creativity. It’s made of wood, hemp twine, handmade paper, acrylic paint, glass beads, & copper wire.

Take a look at my Art Gallery page, I’m interested in hearing what you think. 

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