Being Still

When I tell people that I’m grateful for being sick with the flu for a few days, they tend to give me confused looks & change the subject.  It’s really not that odd when you stop to consider it.

For 2 years, I’ve been getting the same message whether I journal, journey, meditate, or pray- “Be Still.”  I thought by meditating & praying I was being still.  Apparently not.

It wasn’t until I got sick that I understood the magnitude of those words & came to appreciate their profound meaning.  For days, I only did what was needed to survive- sleep, drink ginger ale, & try to eat a few crackers.  There was no artwork, no writing, no chores, no errands… not even any spiritual practices that I lovingly do daily.  My mind was completely still.  I didn’t even dream!  (That’s highly unusual for me as I can recall between 2-5 dreams per night on average.)

Stillness is so important for balance.  Think of your typical day; where is the stillness?

I believe the Divine speaks to us in a gentle whisper, at first.  However, if we ignore the message, it speaks more loudly to get our attention.  The flu was a way to get my attention.

For many of us, being still is a real challenge.  I’m asking you to give it a try, even for just 20 minutes.  Sit somewhere in total silence & listen.  Is there a message that you need to hear?


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