When I see the same unusual word three times in less than 30 minutes, I believe it’s a clear message to heighten my awareness of something very important.  SANCTUARY  Not that it’s an unusual word… it’s unusual in that it rarely comes up once in my typical day, let alone 3 times in a half hour!

It began with a Rumi quote, “Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”  It was soon followed by the arrival of the most recent issue of SageWoman magazine- Sanctuary being the theme of the issue.  Lastly, I pulled a card from a deck I like to use for my contemplative practice… and “sanctuary” was the caption on the card.

So what does the New Oxford Dictionary have to say about “Sanctuary“?

1.  a place of refuge or safety

2.  a nature reserve

3.  a holy place

Aren’t those all within our Selves?  Isn’t the dictionary ultimately agreeing with Rumi?

I’ve spent several years studying earth-based wisdom of cultures around the world, divine feminine spirituality, & shamanic practices of peoples from Europe to the Americas.  They all have something very important in common; they agree that we are holy & that which makes us sacred connects us to all else that is sacred.

So, when I see the word Sanctuary appear over & over, I’m reminded to look within for truth & guidance, trust my intuition, & value my Self as divine.


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