Autumn: A Different Harvest

I absolutely adore autumn; it’s my favorite time of year.  We sleep with the windows open, snuggled under blankets as the temperature outside drops to a chilly 47 degrees F.  By afternoon, a warm breeze flows through the room, reminding me that summer may be gone but not forgotten… not just yet anyway.

Local farmers have set up stands to sell their gourds, pumpkins, corn, & flowers.

They are harvesting their crops & in a way, so am I.  Both of our harvests are the result of seeds we planted.  Some seeds are bearing wonderful fruit in my life.  For example, I’ve put more attention on who & what I value most– my boyfriend, my pets, my friends & family, creativity, nature, & spirituality.

As a result of the seeds I planted, I am aware that my authentic Self is separate from my experiences.  I am not my job.  Accomplishments & failures are  opportunities to learn & grow but do not define me.

On a more humorous note, some seeds did not bear fruit this year.  I planted seeds of intention for new opportunities to come along but so far, a multimillionaire has not called to say, “I want to fully fund a spiritual/creative retreat for women & want you be the director.”  Nor has anyone emailed to tell me, “I love the art you are selling on  Would you like to be a full-time artist & never worry about money again?”  I’ll be replanting these seeds next year 🙂

I reverently enter this autumn season, knowing that I can only harvest the seeds I nurture throughout the year.  I hope your seeds bear fruit for you, too.


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