Creativity: More Than Art

Last Sunday, I met with some of my artsy friends & proclaimed, “I haven’t been creative in a long time.”  At least that’s how it seemed to me.  As soon as those words left my mouth, I knew they were false.  “Wait a minute.” I thought, creativity isn’t just about the paintings & collages that I make in my studio; creativity infuses every aspect of my life from my gardening to the way I decorate my home.

Since early summer, we’ve been renovating my kitchen.  It’s been a slow but beautiful process, watching the kitchen go from a worn-out, tired 1980s decor to a charming room that is both modern & old-fashioned at the same time.



I wanted a kitchen with lots of natural elements such as stone & wood.  I also wanted a kitchen with a nostalgic feel because warmth & comfort  is a priority.  Guests should feel welcome when they enter my home.

I’ve lived in this house for 7 years, the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere.  As I’ve written before, the desire to move sweeps over me every once in a while but since that’s not possible, or even necessary, I redecorate.  I clean closets, paint walls, or rearrange furniture to suit my current lifestyle.  Things that no longer hold meaning are given to an organization like Salvation Army or Good Will so someone else can appreciate them.

So, while I haven’t opened a sketchbook in a couple of weeks, I’m still being creative by turning my home into a cozy, inviting retreat  that reflects who I am & what matters most to me.


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