Sacred Space

The best wisdom is so simple.  I shake my head & wonder, “Why didn’t I already know this?”  Maybe on some level, I did but just forgot.

Guided meditations often start with phrases like, “You are in a peaceful place in nature” or “Picture yourself in a warm, cozy room where you feel safe & loved.”  They are great ways to help us sink into a space that is calm so we can do the work required of us to become more balanced, serene, & relaxed.

At some point, I found that I needed more.  When I was open & ready to receive, what I needed came to me.  It was the realization that while there are sacred places in the world, the most sacred space is inside of me.  That’s the place I need to honor & protect.  Seeing my Self as sacred is very empowering.  It helps me reject negativity that wants to enter my space.  I symbolically put a hand out in front of me & say, “Do not enter.”  Sure, I still feel anger, frustration, sadness, & fear but I don’t become those emotions.  I cannot control my surroundings, other people, or events; however, I can control how I let them affect me.

Before you roll your eyes & say, “Yeah, that sounds good but it’s just not that easy”, let me say, “You’re right.  It’s not.”  That’s why it’s called a spiritual PRACTICE.  I’m going to have to practice this every day, sometimes being more successful than others.  When I slip & fall on my path, I’ll try to be more loving & forgive my Self.  It’s not easy.  In fact, sometimes it feels like someone is out there, deliberately putting challenges in my path to test me.  That’s ok.  I’ll do the best I can.  My peace & sense of well-being are worth the effort.

I AM SACRED…. and so are YOU.



2 thoughts on “Sacred Space

  1. Reblogged this on J. Michael Schmidt and commented:
    This is a great peice of wisdom. I know this from experience, though I did not learn it as something spiritual. I found this out, quite simply, because I found out its the best way to live, and to be able to keep moving forward!
    I have a very stressful life, and I’ve fought severe depression that follows the pain of chronic illness, and yet I’ve learned (the hard way) to overcome letting it stop me. It was very hard to learn this, especially with no one to help me to realize it. But, if you truly work at pushing (or redirecting) all that negative energy that tends to build up inside your mind and soul, you can find that kind of quite in the storm.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You are right, if there is no one to encourage you or help you along the way, you have to become your own best friend in a way… your own loving parent… your own guardian angel. When we show ourselves that kind of nurturing & love, we end up having more to give. I wish you peace.

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