Proud to be an “Outsider”

When I was in high school, there was the “in crowd” & “the outsiders”.  Because I moved every year and a half to two years due to my father’s military career (even moving November of my senior year to graduate with strangers), I was generally the “outsider”… the new kid, the outcast, the one “not from here”, wherever “here” happened to be this time.  It’s a label people put on other people to make us deliberately feel bad about about who we are.  Not anymore!

I’ve reclaimed “outsider” & given it a whole new meaning, thanks in part to an inspirational discussion I had with a new friend a few weeks ago.  You see, she’s an “outsider”, too.  The way we’re defining it, outsiders are those of us who love being outside.  Nature lovers.  Tree huggers.  Environmentalists.  Organic gardeners.  Environmental activists.  Anyone who feels balance & serenity by being outside.  Anyone who centers themselves by being still & listening to the wind in the trees or the cicadas calling to each other.  Anyone who looks forward to snow, sun, & rain in equal measure.  Anyone who answers the question, “What’s your favorite animal?” with the statement, “I love them all.”

So here’s to us, the OUTSIDERS, the ones who know the interconnectedness of all things.  The ones who’d rather be “out” than “in”.


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