Wonder Woman & Superman

When I was younger, I wanted to be Wonder Woman.  Lynda Carter starred in the hit TV show that got my imagination soaring right along with her in the invisible plane!  I made a golden lasso out of my jump rope, bullet-repelling bracelets out of cardboard & tinfoil, & an invisible plane out of… well, nothing,… it was invisible 🙂  I fought the forces of evil– feeling strong, brave, & powerful.

Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter. Thanks to wonder-woman.wikia.com for the photo.

It takes the qualities of Wonder Woman & Superman to break old patterns & have the courage to create a new reality based on love, light, & all things positive.  When I blogged about being “Cracked Wide Open”, I realized it’s going to take the superhero in me to continue the growth from that experience, standing up for what I believe is right.

Isn’t it an amusing image… you & I walking around like so many mild-mannered Clark Kents & Dianna Princes, until we must summon our super-power & stand up for the environment, those whose voice isn’t being heard, truth, love, peace, equality, religious freedom, etc…?  We throw off our glasses… women twirling magically, revealing their red & gold bustier & knee-high boots while men are running into phone booths, coming out in flowing capes, ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound!  There aren’t very many phone booths anymore so you guys have to get creative.

No one would suspect that mild-mannered Dianna Prince is really Wonder Woman. Thanks to superseventies.tumblr.com for the photo.

We can be active agents of change in our lives if we empower ourselves.  Stop letting negative people, fear, or doubt limit you!  It’s time for the shift in energy that many of us are feeling to become permanent.  Forget the inner critic & inner victim you’ve heard so much about.  I’m telling you that there is a superhero inside of you just waiting to come out!!


1 thought on “Wonder Woman & Superman

  1. I’ve always sort of seen myself as Dynagirl. With those big pony tails! She was great, no Bionic Woman but still she had her own magic. Facing change takes strength and courage. Not to forget..a good sense of humor. Your superhero sister 🙂

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