Energy Flows Where The Mind Goes

Sometimes it takes a profound experience to truly understand the simplest of messages.  “The energy flows where the mind goes” is so often quoted that I roll my eyes a bit & mutter, “Yeah, yeah, I get it”.  But surprisingly, it didn’t truly resonate with me until this past Saturday, when I attended a Silent Retreat.

Before we began our walking meditation, we were asked to choose a stone to represent a negative person or situation in our lives.  Then, carry that “burden” as we walked, sending love & healing energy to it.

I chose my stone, immediately knowing what it represents for me.  I pictured the people involved & felt the negativity fill me as my thoughts focused on it.  This would be a challenge!  How am I going to send the “rock” positive energy when I really want to yell, “This situation has potential to be amazing for so many people if you would just act from a place of integrity & love!!!!!”  But, I took a deep breath & told myself to quit judging & put my spiritual beliefs into practice.  I sent loving kindness to them & added some for myself, humbly asking that my actions reflect love & light even in the most challenging situations.

We approached the majestic beech tree on the property in silence, walking round & round under it’s welcoming canopy.  Branches, like arms, embraced us in its sacred space.  We held the stones in our open hands, contemplating the negative while sending out positive energy.  I looked at the trunk of the beech, ancient goddess with feet grounded in the earth & arms stretching up to the cosmos.  I couldn’t resist running my hands along her limbs & gently touching her delicate leaves.  This simple act occupied my thoughts & filled my heart with such joy that I forgot about the rock in my hand.

Epiphany!! It is impossible to give the negative my full attention when I focus on the beauty & blessings all around me.  Opposing energy can’t occupy the same space at the same time.

“Ok, Susan”, I thought, “It’s your choice- focus on the positive or be crushed under the weight of the negative.”  … or as my Dad bluntly stated many times before his death, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.”  🙂  It’s been 14 years since he uttered those memorable words but I still hear his voice & laugh, “I finally get it, Dad.”


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