Write- For the Spiritual Journey

At long last, the final collage of 12 for my series titled, “For The Spiritual Journey”.  Write represents our desire to put our spiritual beliefs into words. Closely connected to mediation & prayer, writing is the concrete act of expressing who we are in relation to the Divine.  It gives our beliefs substance & provides an opportunity to share with others if we so choose.

Write: An expression of what we value & believe

Writing takes many forms including sacred texts such as the Bible & the Koran, spiritual poetry, a sermon waiting to be shared with a congregation, a journal of private thoughts, a Lorica written & recited for protection in the Christian Monastic tradition, a Book of Shadows for recording spells & rituals in the Wiccan tradition.. the possibilities are endless!

I write because it helps me articulate my connection to the Divine in all its many forms & provides a starting point for conversations with others who wish to explore spiritual matters.  Writing can build community & aid in understanding if we write, & read with open minds & open hearts.

Here is the entire series of collages.  My own spiritual practice does not include all of these but I include them in my series for you to consider.  Namaste













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