Koi Collage

I’ve always enjoyed visiting gardens where Koi ponds are a focal point.  The fish swimming serenely in a natural, beautifully-designed setting bring serenity to me, too.  As an artist, I love the contrast of orange & white against the deep blue water & dramatic black shadows.  While my ancestral traditions harken back to central & eastern Europe, I can appreciate Asian cultures & the contemplative nature of their gardens & meditative spaces.  Nature & spirituality are one.

Koi: a multitude of blessings & good wishes

The inspiration for this collage took its time coming to me.  I painted the background & thought about the possible composition for days.  About the time I stopped thinking about it (isn’t that usually the way?), inspiration came to me quite clearly.  I literally saw the Koi swimming on the canvas!  Funny how that happens sometimes 🙂

After completing this piece, I found out as much as I could about Koi.  Various sources say it is a symbol of perseverance, endurance, & longevity.  Others say it symbolizes love, affection, peace, courage, & tranquility.  All consider it a positive symbol of qualities we’d all like to have in our lives.  May those qualities already be present in yours.

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2 thoughts on “Koi Collage

    • Thank you! It’s always fun to make a piece that goes in a different direction than I intended. Keeps the work exciting & reminds me that inspiration comes in its own time.

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