Firefly Magic

As a little girl, I had a vivid imagination as most of us did when we were children.  A dishtowel folded to make a bed for Barbie, a cardboard box became an alien spacecraft, & a blanket draped over the bunk bed turned it into a covered wagon so we could play “Little House on the Prairie”.  There was no limit to my creativity, blissfully transporting me to other worlds for hours a day.

Despite the passing of years, bills, a mortgage, & other weighty baggage I carry as an adult, things happen to remind me that magic is all around if I open my “child” eyes & let my imagination fly.

A glistening field of fireflies is one such happening.  One evening, after an especially hot, humid day, I relaxed in the lawn chair to watch the sun setting & the fireflies rising from the grass like fairies waking from their nap to dance in the dusk.  I was captivated as more & more rose from the grass until my entire yard was shimmering light.  I raised my eyes to gaze out to the nearby field & lost my breath.  The entire field, sprinkled with thousands of fireflies, magically glittered in the dark!  I couldn’t move.  I couldn’t even blink.  My eyes filled with tears as my heart swelled with joy.

Sometimes the errands & the chores & the obligations weigh me down.  But if I allow myself to pause…….. & truly see the world around me……… Mother Nature lifts me up again, on firefly wings.

Firefly Magic: a quick study in gouache


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