One Flower

My art & spirituality weave so tightly with nature that I can’t tell where one begins & the other ends.  They are me.  I often start the day gazing across my back garden, saying “Thank you” to the Great Divine for every bird’s nest, blueberry, & flower in my yard.  There is such joy & wonder in these little things.

There is also great change from day to day.  Crocuses bloom & die, making way for forsythias, hyacinths, & tulips. They, in turn, die to make way for bee balm, daisies, & hibiscus blossoms.  I have to take time to walk my yard each day so I don’t miss any of the magic that is right here, changing with each season.

This whimsical 12 inch collage in browns, pinks, & a hint of turquoise metallic ink was inspired by a tulip blooming under my bedroom window.  Like Georgia O’Keefe, I knelt down very, very close to the flower to see the subtle color changes in her petals & note the many greens in her stem & leaves… taking time to really know her.  I drew a quick sketch then played with the image to make it mine.  There is no way to capture the beauty in nature; all I can do is hope to capture the feeling it gives me.  This flower was fun, joyful, & full of silent laughter so that’s the mood I tried to give this piece.

One Flower: All the wonder of the world is contained in its petals.

Take time to connect with a flower or leaf.  Get to know it well.  The universe is contained there, waiting to be discovered by you.  Happy summer!

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