Let It Happen

The Diary of Frida Kahlo with a forward by Carlos Fuentes is a disturbing book that is a window into Frida’s tortured body & soul.  If you don’t know anything about this passionate artist, watch the DVD Frida starring Selma Hayek.  It’s powerful!  Though I can’t say I connect to her work, or even like it, a statement in this diary inspired me.  Frida worked in a variety of media & often let the choice of medium dictate the subject matter & theme of her work… especially in her diary (which resembles what we now call an art journal).

Sounds intriguing.  So, I got out my opaque watercolors, Prismacolor markers, Sharpies, & Staedtler triplus fineliner pens with the intent of letting them lead me to subjects I may not normally create.  It worked!  I created some rather odd drawings along with some bits of writing triggered by the imagery.  While these in no way resemble my finished art, they came from a different place in me– a place not encumbered by logic or planning but rather, a place of emotion & spirituality.

The first piece turned out to be something that can be viewed right side up & upside down.  Reflecting back on it, I see that it is a Yin Yang- type of symbol.   To live means to experience both pleasure & sadness.

Swirls of opaque watercolor & pen details.  Upside down, the frowning animal is more obvious.

This way, the smiling animal is more obvious.  The writing says, “To Smile, To Frown, To Live.  All is One.”

The next piece was also watercolor & pen.  The way the watercolor ran down the page revealed these two figures with hands touching.  It came to me so easily that I felt I was merely tracing the image I saw.  They seem to smile & say, “Join us.  Open up to your highest potential.”    While they seem “other-worldly”, I really think they represent you & me.

We are beings of light with limitless possibilities.

This last image came from an opaque watercolor background & broad-tipped Prismacolor markers.  This one did not come so easily.  The figure seems stiff & disproportionate but I love what I wrote to accompany the image.

“She knows the rhythms, honoring them in herself.  Phases of the moon, seasons of the year, her own ups & downs, ebbs & flows.  Everything has a cycle.  Everything takes a turn.  In her heart, she knows all of this.”

She knows….  And deep down, YOU know, too.


2 thoughts on “Let It Happen

  1. Frida Kahlo was a fascinating and troubled artist and woman – may you walk an easier path. I have been drawn by her colours but can honestly say I don’t understand most her work. I’m still learning.

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