All in Good Time

Let’s face it.  We can’t rush a good thing.  Whether we want a committed relationship, a more fulfilling  job, or a finished art piece, everything takes time.  I can think back on the situations where I tried to force things to happen in “my time” & most turned out poorly.  When I breath deeply & trust, things tend to work out better.  It’s a lesson that I’ve had to learn over & over again 🙂

Pele, my latest collage, is an example of patience paying off.  Months ago, I shared this image of Pele coming to life from the initial sketch in my small spiral sketchpad to the partially finished canvas (on the right)…

The work that led up to my Pele collage.

Some of you might remember it.  Since then, the unfinished canvas sat on the easel in silence.  Ideas for completing it just wouldn’t come to me.  So, I waited… and waited… and waited.  I passed this goddess every time I put the dogs in the backyard or walked through my kitchen.  There she’d be, waiting, too.

Pele, the Hawaiian goddess, fires us with passion– inspiring us to try new things, dream new dreams, imagine what was once unimaginable.  She IS creation.  And yes, she is ALSO destruction.   We cannot have one without the other.  Pele’s lava can burn through a tropical forest and across a highway, destroying everything in its path.  Pele can also create new land where her lava meets the sea.  I personally saw small plants growing from cracks in the lava when I visited the Big Island years ago.  Destruction & creation are two sides of the same coin.

Pele erupts on the canvas.

This past weekend, she finally broke her silence.  She told me the colors & patterns that would complete her.  I’m glad I didn’t rush the process.  The results are better than what I imagined all those weeks ago.  Wait for what’s right for you.  And always give your best.


2 thoughts on “All in Good Time

  1. Great post and lovely art! I too have experienced the “my timing” vs. “Divine timing.” Seems to be an repeat lesson every now and then 😉 Thank you for the reminder to stay in flow!

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