Inspiration Everywhere

Though I had no time to create any new artwork of my own this past week, I took down the old & display the new inspirational objects that I’ve been collecting lately.  Like a little kid displaying their school work proudly on the refrigerator, I display items that inspire me in one way or another.

Postcards, magnets, & photos are displayed where I can see them every day. I soak up the inspiration.

Just about anything can stimulate my imagination.  The two large bulletin boards I have hanging in my studio hold items whose patterns, colors, & textures fill me with new ideas.  Look closely & see what kinds of items you can pick out.  Do you see the tiny piece of tracing paper in the shape of a leaf?  It has the words “I love you” written on it.  My niece left countless notes of “I love you” all over my house at the end of her last visit.  They gave me happy tears for days as I found her hidden messages (even in my clothes hamper!).  I highly recommend leaving love notes around the house for someone you care about.  What a wonderful feeling they bring!

Everything from handmade paper ribbon to a decorative paper plate can stimulate my imagination.

This board displays a variety of items including inspiring notes from friends who encourage my creativity.

If you’ve been keeping up with my post, by now you know that there is nothing more inspirational for me than nature.  However, I also find surprisingly stimulating objects just about anywhere I go.  Next time you shop at a store near you, approach it with a child’s eyes.  Look around with wonder at what is displayed.  Something is bound to give you that sparkly, shimmery “This makes me want to create something new” feeling.

Do you have a place to display items that motivate or inspire you?


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Everywhere

    • Glad you liked the idea of a board to display your inspiration 🙂 There’s something about surrounding myself with positive imagery & things I love that helps me focus more on what I’m grateful for than the stress or negativity I might otherwise feel more acutely.

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