Playing with Color

Last weekend was cold & rainy, perfect for playing with my art supplies on the enclosed porch– listening to the rain, watching the birds chase one another, & looking at all my colored pencils, paints, & markers.  On this grey day, I needed color.

It’s so hard for me to decide what to play with first.  I’m addicted to it all… opaque watercolors, Prismacolor pencils, paint markers, acrylics, metallic ink,… the list is endless!  I feel like a child in a toy store every time I enter an art supply shop. Don’t even ask me about handmade papers, soft bristle brushes, & sketchbooks.  My imagination takes flight just thinking of the possibilities.

After a few moments of contemplation, I decided to use the opaque watercolors, fine tip markers, acrylics, & a corrective pen on bristol board.  My objective:  simply to PLAY.  I used some of the techniques Alisa Burke mentions in her on-line class “The Art of Abstraction” and combined them with other techniques that spring to mind as the color spreads across the white paper.

Here are the results.

It started with tangerine. Then, I added lime and raspberry colors for a fruity, fresh abstract piece painted with acrylics. Black is added to lead the eye around the paper.

I absolutely adore Prussian Blue!! That was the first color I chose before adding maroon & deep green. I painted strokes of black & white for contrast. The corrective pen gave me some fine white details.

Opaque watercolors were painted with a wet, sloppy brush so they could run in different directions. Black added with a fine tip marker & smudged with my finger. White swirls & splashes dance across the paper. I love the lighthearted feel to this piece.

These pieces are intentionally quick & emotional, quite unlike my usual collages & paintings.  By playing with the materials rather than starting with a plan (a vision of the finished piece in my mind), I could let things just happen.  I could be surprised.  I could have FUN.

When is the last time you had fun for fun’s sake?  Set some time aside soon.


4 thoughts on “Playing with Color

  1. I love all 3 of these; my favorite color is also Prussian Blue. There is something special about that shade of blue! The last one resembled something I’d see in an art journal. Fabulous! Good use of color!!!

    • Prussian Blue is deep, mysterious, & a little haunting to me. It pulls me in. Thanks for the compliment. And you emind me of an important point. When we learn techniques from someone else, it’s important to incorporate them into our own style & not just copy theirs.

    • Thank you so much. With all the obligations, errands, & chores that need tending, I have to consciously remind myself that life should be enjoyed doing things I love with those I love. “No apologies” 🙂

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