Dream Big & Believe

A friend shared her dream of starting a new career in the culinary arts.  (Her current career is one that dropped in her lap after college but has no resemblance to her dream whatsoever.)  I told her to go for it.  While I can’t promise that all of her dreams will come true, I am certain that none of them will come true if she doesn’t try.

It seems that people all around me are having the “should I be content with my present circumstances or should I follow my dreams” debate as if these have to be “either/or” choices.  I propose that we can have both.  We can have gratitude for the many blessings we have yet want to have more meaning or new experiences in our lives.  We can enjoy the present while reaching higher.

Big dreams continue to manifest in my life as big opportunities so I’m speaking from a lifetime of experience, a place of true knowing.   Dreams (and courage) got me to try spelunking (once!), buy my own home, walk away from a bad relationship, & assist with Dale Chihuly’s installation of a glass exhibit within the old city walls of Jerusalem, to name a few.  I have countless other examples of how dreams became reality for me & I’m confident they will continue to do so. 

Dreaming may sound like a luxury, especially in these challenging economic times, but it’s not.  Dreaming leads to doing.  And it’s the “doing” that improves the quality of life for us, those whose lives we touch, & our home- Mother Earth.  Many of the great self-help gurus will tell you that if you are doing well at a job you don’t like, just think how successful you can be doing something you do like!  It all starts with a dream… a thought.

  And it has to start now… ONE DREAMER AT A TIME.

What is your dream for your Self?


5 thoughts on “Dream Big & Believe

  1. You are so absotively right. I was blessed early on with the opportunity to meet someone dear to me who never quite followed his dream. It taught me that if there was ever anything I’d someday regret not trying, I’d better give it a shot. Most of those journeys haven’t gotten me anywhere substantial, but I’ve gained so very much along the way.

    Thanks for sharing your encouragement, since we all need more nudges from the outside to follow the dreams we hide inside. ❤

    • I love the way you worded that, “We all need more nudges from the outside to follow the dreams we hide inside.” Dreaming can be a lonely business, made more challenging because we are doing it alone. But how much easier it is to dream when someone else is raising us up in the loving hands of encouragement & support. I hope everyone reading this has such a person in their life.

    • I just read your post “Letters from Home” & have to say that I’m not surprised that some people you expected to write aren’t. As you grow & change, some of them will naturally fall away as they are growing & changing in a different direction. On the bright side, every step you take in your new life will reveal new experiences & opportunities for new relationships. Sometimes, a space has to be cleared so something new & wonderful can fit in our lives. Thanks for all you are doing & best of luck!

      • Thank you very much. “Sometimes, a space has to be cleared so something new & wonderful can fit in our lives.” Wow…for some reason that really makes sense to me lol. Well, two years in and it’s a new adventure every day. Hope that you’re having a great day.

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