Ritual- For the Spiritual Journey

In the workshop that I’m leading, I asked the women to write on a slip of paper either a fear that they would like to transform into fearlessness or a hope they’d like to manifest in their lives (an activity designed by Elizabeth Fisher for her Rise Up & Call Her Name workshop).  We briefly shared what we wrote, for by saying our prayers aloud we give them greater power.  Then, we set the papers in a bowl & set them on fire.  This ritual symbolically transformed our fears into smoke & raised our hopes on the air to be heard by the Divine (whatever form that entity takes for each woman).   Spontaneous yells & cheers erupted as the last ember faded into darkness.  It was an incredibly poignant moment for us all.

Ritual, the 9th in my series of 12 collages for the Spiritual Journey, honors all of our meaningful rituals from simple ones such as greeting the sun at dawn (like the figure in the collage is doing) to something more complex like a marriage ritual.

Rituals, from the simple to the complex, should align with your true Self.

As I’ve written before, rituals mark the important transitions in our lives & connect us to what matters most.  What rituals do you perform?  Are they meaningful or do some need redefined to align with who you are now?


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