Create- For the Spiritual Journey

A dear friend’s mother passed away recently, leaving her a variety of art supplies that she had no idea how to use.  “Bring them over.  We’ll have lunch & an art date”, I suggested.  So, we enjoyed a delicious lunch on my deck & opened the wooden box that had 2 velvet-lined drawers cradling charcoal, watercolor pencils, & drawing pencils in neat rows.  My friend is a very talented musician but hadn’t done much sketching.  “What do I do with all of these?”, she asked perplexed.  I thought for a moment.  Where to begin?  I’ve had countless art courses & workshops over the years, even majoring in Fine Art in college & enjoying a career in graphic design for several years.  Do I discuss perspective?  Line?  Composition?  Hmm… I made up my mind as to the most important quality of art & gave her my advice.


“Pick a pencil & see what it can do.  Scribble with it.  Smudge it.  Splash water on it.  Don’t worry about what it looks like.  Just create for the sake of creating.”

We had the best time!  Creating without self-criticizing is so liberating!!  This collage, titled “Create”, represents our burning need to be a part of creation in some way, shape, or form from creating new life to giving birth to new ideas.  Creating is yet another way to connect to something greater than ourselves & leave a legacy for those who follow.  I am a co-creator with the Divine, affecting my life & the lives of those around me.  So are you.

Create: celebrate your role as co-creator in your life.

This is the 8th collage in my series of 12 for the spiritual journey.  How are these pieces impacting you?  Please share your thoughts.  I’d also like to hear your ideas of what I should do with them when I’m finished.  I’ve considered making a calendar, notecards, or prints.  Any other suggestions?



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