Storytelling- For the Spiritual Journey

“To restore the world, we must re-story the world.” 

Dr. Marilyn Steele

Can you recall the last time you were in a room with an engaging storyteller, a wonderfully talented person whose facial expressions, gestures, & voice brought a story to life for you?  Great storytellers cause us to think, feel deeply, or even act on what we’ve heard.

Last week, I heard women ‘re-story” African tales of Yemaya, Oshun, & Oya.  I define “re-story” as reclaiming an ancient story & making it relevant for people today.  Though my spiritual beliefs don’t include Yoruban goddesses, I could appreciate the lessons found in each tale & apply them to my life.

Storytellers wrap the audience in the tales they weave.

The experience inspired me to create Storytelling, the 7th in my series of 12 collages exploring aspects of our spiritual journeys.  In this piece, a storyteller is telling a story to a captivated audience (actually, an effective storyteller turns the audience into participants of sorts, actively engaging them both emotionally & mentally).  What’s the story about?  It could be a tale that inspires, teaches, explains, offers hope, or connects the listener to something greater– the Divine.

What stories are meaningful to you?   What is YOUR story?

Share with someone & connect to an ancient oral tradition found in every culture around the world.


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