Nature Journal

This morning, I discovered a hidden treasure at the bottom of a pile of sketchbooks– my nature journal.  I began it in 2005 & stopped sketching in it late 2010.  The pictures have inspired me to spend time in my yard, rediscovering the beauty right here at home.

The color of each blossom moved me to layer colored pencils to get the right effect.

Daffodils arrived earlier than expected this year.

I adore the rich red-orange of this exotic bloom.

Often, I pick up interesting objects when I walk the dogs.  Eventually, they make their way into my sketchbook.

I collect feathers of all kinds. Wispy & ethereal, they symbolize air & freedom to me.

I can never draw enough leaves. Each is so unique. Dried autumn leaves inspire me most.

Both the shape of the pinecone & the areas of light & dark make them a challenge to draw.

Mourning doves are probably my favorite birds.  I love their coo as they call to one another from rooftops or telephone lines.  This one built a nest in my front yard which afforded me the time to draw her & blend my colored pencils to replicate the gray-lavender of her feathers.  As her black eyes peered into mine, I couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking.

Mourning dove protecting her nest of eggs.

Sometimes, things grow so slowly that the change is hardly noticeable.  Here are drawings of my maple tree 5 years apart.  While it has been home to many birds who find safety in the birdhouses I place there year after year, I hope the tree is strong enough to embrace a nest this year.

My maple tree in 2005.

Here she is in 2010.

This reaffirms my passion for all things natural but specifically for the local beauty of the area where I live.


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