Drum- For the Spiritual Journey

I’ve always loved a good drum beat… it seems to vibrate to the core of my being, even getting my heart to pound along with its rhythm.  While drumming isn’t a part of my cultural upbringing, I can appreciate how meaningful it is to others.  Drum is the 6th collage in my series of 12 focusing on aspects of the “spiritual journey”

A very talented Hindu in my community inspired this piece.  I couldn’t resist the urge to sketch him as he shared his deeply moving music, becoming one with his drums, entering an altered state of consciousness, & pausing to chant as the spirit moved him.

Over the years, I’ve experienced drumming from a variety of spiritual traditions including pagan drum circles & Native American powwows where the drum connects the drummer to the Divine… a form of prayer or meditation.  These ceremonies & rituals aren’t drum “performances” but a way to direct participants inward.  Shamans are able to take this to another level, journeying to other realities on a drum beat.

Connection to Self.  Connection to Spirit.  Drumming may not be part of my heritage but the fact that it moves me (& so many other people) tells me that it’s worth exploring for myself.


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