Read- For the Spiritual Journey

I have loved reading ever since I could hold a book.  One unforgettable summer day when I was no more than 6 or 7, I relaxed in a lawn chair at my grandparents’ house & immersed myself in Grimms’ Fairy Tales, the first book that I read cover to cover in one sitting!  I recall my grandmother bringing a sandwich & chips on a paper plate so I could eat & continue reading at the same time.  She wisely fed two hungers at once.

In college, I had an English Lit professor who introduced me to great literature & also explained the concept of banned books.  What?!  I couldn’t imagine such a thing was (and frightfully still is) true.  People have tried to suppress ideas that they don’t agree with for ages.  Race, gender, sexual preference, religion, & cultural differences are used to justify discrimination by narrow-minded people acting out of fear & ignorance.  The good news is that while they seem to “win” in the short-term by banning or even burning books, wisdom, love, understanding, & tolerance ultimately win in the long-term.

Reading opens the heart & the mind

My collage, Read, shows a very tranquil person studying a text.  We don’t know who this is or what is being read.  It doesn’t matter.  The point is the subject is reading… immersing in ideas that may or may not agree with firmly-held beliefs, stretching & growing as an individual.

Each book I read takes me to a faraway place, teaches me something I don’t know, or opens my mind to opinions other than my own.  Reading is the key that not only opens doors but can blow them right off their hinges.  By reading, we may find that we have more similarities binding us together than we thought.

Deep gratitude to my grandparents & others for exposing me to great world literature, allowing my imagination to take wing, & introducing ideas that have shaped my life.



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