Visualization- For the Spiritual Journey

How might your life be different if you saw yourself as divine?  Are you one of the fortunate ones who already does?

“Visualization” has multiple meanings, depending on the context, but when it comes to my spirituality, it means that I see a connection to something that is greater than myself yet is my Self.  Simply by being alive, I’m connected to the Spirit of All Life.  This knowledge has transformed me, inspiring me to live more fully in light & love.   Don’t misunderstand me; I’m a flawed human being but seeing myself embraced by Divine light enables me to better accept myself as I am & pick myself up when I inevitably stumble along the way.

“Visualization” is the 4th in a series of 12 collages that explore components of a spiritual journey.  While all 12 are not part of my journey, I offer them to you as options… opportunities to explore & grow.  I chose to make this serene woman green to represent women of all ages, races, & cultures.  She’s glowing with an inner light, illuminated by her understanding of how she is sacred, made in the image of the Divine.

Seeing the light in ourselves fuels it to burn brighter, encompassing others in its radiance.  Can you imagine how the world would change if we all did that?  Visualize your own pure light & share it with those around you.

Visualize your connection to what is sacred to you.


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