Prayer- For the Spiritual Journey

When I was 12, I firmly rejected the faith of my childhood.  God in the clouds– white beard & white gown, casting judgment on poor sinners didn’t resonate with my spirit.  That God was “out there” & separate from me; an impossibility because I deeply believe (even at age 12) that the Divine is in me, too.

When I asked myself, “What is God?”, my child Self gave such a sweet explanation that it has stayed in my heart ever since.  The Divine is a big bowl of cookie dough.  While the bowl of dough is bigger than me, I am a cookie & thereby part of the dough, part of something greater than my Self.  Each living thing is a cookie, unique from any other.  I have to laugh remembering this simplistic definition but honestly, I haven’t come up with one better in all these years 🙂

Since I began my spiritual journey, I’ve visited a number of churches, temples, & synagogues around the world from the United States to Europe to the Middle East.  Here’s a secret… no matter the faith, we all pray.  Our forms of prayer are as different as we are– standing, sitting, kneeling, facing east, facing a cross, hands folded, hands raised, eyes closed, eyes to the sky, quietly, loudly, alone, in a group– all is prayer.  And what is prayer?  Our way to connect to the Divine in a way that feels right to us.

This collage, the second in my “For the Spiritual Journey” series, is simply titled Prayer.

As unique as we are


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