Meditation- For the Spiritual Journey

Meditation is such an important component of life for many people around the world, no matter their culture or religious beliefs.  Some use it as a way to relax & release stress while others see it as an integral part of their spiritual practice.  Either way, meditation is a valuable way to reconnect with one’s Self.  Many of us are familiar with a contemplative, sitting silent meditation but there are other equally valuable ways to meditate.  Some people prefer walking meditations, focusing their intent on each step rather than each breath.  Some people have difficulty quieting their mind & do well with guided meditations that gently take the mind to a place of peace & tranquility.  Some need a candle flame to focus on while others focus on a sound, such as Om.  I hope you find a method that works for you.

I tend to sit upright in a comfortable chair with legs crossed & eyes closed.  I begin with a little prayer to focus my thoughts, my words, my heart, & my actions on love.  I visualize a protective bubble of pure light surrounding me with positive energy.  Sighing loudly & deeply a few times pushes negative thoughts from me & settles me in the moment.  Then, I breathe loudly enough that my mind cannot wander to work, my to-do list, or what I’m going to make for dinner.  I’m in the moment.  Simply being.  Breathing in… breathing out.

This small collage titled Meditation is the first of 12 collages I’m making to represent important components of the spiritual journey.  Others will include prayer, dance, chanting/singing, & drumming.  To be continued 🙂

Meditation- part of the spiritual journey


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