Why Owls?

After writing my last post, I noticed that owls are the latest fad in jewelry & home decor.  For example, I received 2 owl necklaces, an owl figurine, & owl notecards for gifts this past year.  Every time something new becomes trendy with mainstream America, I ask myself, “Why?”  Why designer handbags?  Why expensive little beads for bracelets?  Why painful stiletto shoes that cost a fortune?  Why owls?

Owls have resonated with people for thousands of years.  To many earth-centered cultures, Owl is a symbol of wisdom, magic, omens, prophetic vision, the moon, & the Divine feminine.  Owl was Athena’s animal, a symbol of higher wisdom.  To the Pawnee, it symbolized protection & to the early Welsh, fertility.  Christian Gnostics associate Owl with Lilith, Adam’s first wife.  She refused to submit to Adam & left him (& the garden) of her own free will.  Owl is a symbol of her strength.  I find it ironic that the Gnostic story states both Lilith & Adam were made of the earth while Genesis states Eve came from Adam’s rib (& doesn’t even refer to Lilith at all).  It puts Eve (& all women) “beneath” men in a subservient way.  Interesting…. I must read more about this but don’t know enough about it to comment further here.

Because of Owl’s acute vision & hearing, it can see & hear what others try to hide, making their secrets transparent.  The message being:  keep silent & stay alert; all will be revealed.

I find it intriguing that so many cultures throughout history attach spiritual significance to animals, reinforcing, for me, the importance of honoring all forms of life on this planet.


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