A Joy To Create

Animals have feelings, not unlike human animals– listen to a cow call longingly for her newborn calf, watch a mama Grizzly protect her cub, look at polar bear babies snuggling their mother as they sleep.  Knowing that animals are sentient beings who feel resonated with me most powerfully when Pixie, my Shih Tzu, mourned the loss of Buddy (my other Shih Tzu who died at age 13).  They were constant companions & she suffered the same way each of us suffer the loss of a loved one.  She got depressed, refusing to eat or drink.  She literally seemed to give up on life.  It took IV fluids, lots of love, & a new companion to give her the will to live without him.  For this & many other reasons, much of my artwork is an attempt to depict how animals might feel when left to live life freely.  I love the small painting shown below.  From the minute I lay the wet brush to the canvas, I knew this was going to be a fox with personality plus!

Sweet Dreams Fox captures a young red fox asleep among crunchy Autumn leaves, happily dreaming of chasing rabbits or playing with his foxy friends in a nearby field.  I can hear him making noises like a sleeping dog, little growls & barks of contentment.  Isn’t nature wonderful?  Aren’t animals amazing?  Don’t we owe it to them to be good stewards of the earth, spreading a message of peace, interconnectedness, & the value of all life?  (Sorry to be preachy…I guess I’m feeling the importance of this message as deer hunting season starts tomorrow.)

Sweet Dreams Fox... sleep well.


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