Dream Boldly

Sometimes, a little voice full of self-doubt can whisper things like, “You can’t make money doing that” or “There are already a zillion artists (writers, chefs, whatever…) in the world, you don’t need to be one.”  That’s the annoying voice that prevents us from following our bliss.  I like the voice that says “There’s no competition for your life’s true purpose” much better.  That’s the encouraging intuitive voice that knows we are at our best when we are doing what we love.

What would the world be like if Matisse hesitated because there were already a lot of French artists?  What if Meryl Streep went into accounting because she thought there were too many actors vying for work?  What if Oprah stayed in Chicago living a life that was too small for her?  Only you can fulfill your own destiny by taking that first step & seeing what will happen.  It doesn’t have to be a major career change, although that might come naturally 🙂  Maybe it’s about exploring a new hobby, volunteering somewhere different, or taking yourself on a day trip somewhere unfamiliar.  Try what your heart is calling you to try!  My heart continues to tell me to create, lead workshops on spiritual discovery, garden organically, blog, write, & spend time in nature.  Who knows where these passions will lead!

Have you ever driven by some churches that have those clever & amusing quotes on signs along the road?  One sign I read said to “Invest your time; don’t waste it.”  What great advice for us creative types who always find excuses for not pursuing what we love.  Dream boldly then take a step.  You’ll be glad you did!


3 thoughts on “Dream Boldly

    • I’m glad my work is coming across optimistically. I definitely have a pessimistic side that cries out for all the sorrows & injustices people do to the planet, living things, & one another. Rather than drown in the incontrolable negativity, I try to provide some light… a dream of what could be if people just got their act together. There is enough negativity in the world without my art adding to it. Mine is a message of light, love, & hope.

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