Creativity Needs Encouragement

I am very lucky to have a supportive ring of people around me because their positive energy & encouragement give me the strength to pursue my dreams despite the challenge of living with my head in the clouds 🙂  Dreams can’t come true if we don’t have the courage to dream in the first place.  Negativity shuts out the light, preventing inspiration & imagination from getting the nourishment they need to thrive.  The positive people that surround me are radiant sunshine, encouraging me to try new things & stretch creatively.  They support my desire to express my vision in a unique way.  The saying goes, “It’s the journey, not the destination.”  How much more wonderful it is to travel this journey with loving, supportive people who nurture me!!  It hasn’t always been this way.  I had to make tough choices about what kind of people I wanted to spend my time with & do some pruning so the strongest, healthiest relationships could grow.  Are you able to surround yourself with positive people who nourish you or do you need to do a bit of pruning, too?

A week or so ago, I mentioned a friend who is battling cancer.  I’ve completed her painting, Ring of Friends, with this sentiment in mind.  While this is her lonely battle in some ways, she need not ever feel alone.  She’s got wonderful women from our workshops sending her positive energy, love, & light.  We aren’t in the room literally holding her hand but we are there in spirit, lifting her up.  Ring of Friends is my interpretation of the light-hearted, free spirited time in our lives where we played & laughed, twirling in the sun.  The women in this painting are us– the nurturers, the supporters, & the dreamers– holding hands & encouraging one another.

Ring of Friends- nourish, support, & love us.


2 thoughts on “Creativity Needs Encouragement

  1. Hi Susan thanks for the positive post. I often think we all need the oxygen of praise and encouragement. I am so blessed to have a website that has a page of wonderful testimonials full of praise and a blog that has many followers and great feed back. I need to be constantly reminded of this ring of friends as I suffer from bouts of depression.

    • Having testimonials as reminders of how we impact others in a positive way is a great idea. I keep thank you cards & some emails for the same reason. I visited your website & it’s clear you’ve touched many lives with your mesmerizing images. Monochromatic pictures have a way of capturing emotion in a way colour cannot. Beautiful !

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