Tree of Life Collage

When my art is at it’s best, my heart is totally invested in the piece, making it a self-portrait no matter what the subject is.  Tree of Life with Chakras represents my spiritual journey, so it’s a self-portrait of sorts.  I respect earth-based faiths & find it fascinating that religions that would never willingly admit their similarities actually have many symbols in common.  Could the Tree of Knowledge have been grafted from the Tree of Life?  The tree is the ideal symbol for my spiritual journey– roots connected to the earth and limbs stretched upward to the sky.  Since I see the Divine in all things, it’s the perfect metaphor for my beliefs.

The funny thing about this piece is that it was intended to be a collage of my flowerbed.  As I painted the first layer of color, the image of the tree appeared in my mind & all attempts at painting flowers were thwarted.  I sketched many variations of the tree until what you see on the canvas “came to life”.  The collage wasn’t  finished until I added the multicolored spirals, each representing a chakra from the root chakra up to the crown chakra.   I love this piece & if you look closely, you can see Bella, my parakeet, loves it, too.  Does your art have a spiritual component?  How do you express what you value & love?

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"I'm a tree not a flowerbed," said the canvas.

Tree of Life with Chakras.... and Bella


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